Primary School in London

“When my husband was offered a job in London we couldn’t imagine that we would face difficulty finding places at private schools for our sons aged 4 and 6. We soon realised that schools differ from each other in terms of the school stages they cover and their ethos. In addition, it turned out that it can be quite complicated to get two places at the same school. Our friends recommended Astra Education and from then on our move to London was smooth and efficient. Astra Education consultants advised us on what areas of London to consider for proximity to potential schools and for my husband’s journey to work. We had only one preference, which was for co-educational schools, as we were unsure about single-sex education. Having visited several schools we found a school which we believe is a great fit for both of our boys. Our sons have settled in well and have a lot of new friends. They are very active in school life and can’t wait to go to school every morning.”

Anna, Kyiv

Boarding School

“We had always planned to send our daughter to school in England. When she turned 12 we started to make general enquiries. As it happens it was the ideal age to start preparing. Our daughter had gone to summer camps in England with Astra so we never questioned where we should get advice. After the initial assessment the consultant from Astra Education recommended several schools to consider based on our daughter’s personality and interests. One of the main criteria for us was that the school should have good transport links with airports. After the visits we shortlisted three schools and Astra helped us organise UKiset. Our daughter received offers from all three schools. We chose a school where she could pursue her interests in drawing and singing. Before she left for England our daughter was not very keen on sport but the new school offered her opportunities to try new sports. At the moment she is very much enjoying hockey and was selected to be the team’s captain. Astra helped us to find an ideal school for our daughter where she is thriving. A happy teenager is the best proof that we made the right choice.”

Ekaterina, Omsk

English Language Course

“Highly recommend! We saved a lot time which we would otherwise have spent just searching for information and reading reviews. You can count on Astra’s advice, help and professional support being reliable and relevant. I would like to thank the Astra specialist who always stayed in touch. We felt confident about our daughter’s stay in London. We really appreciate your individual approach and care!”

Alyona, Minsk

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