Summer Camps for Teenagers in England

Summer of adventure and discovery

With summer 2024 on the horizon, teenagers from all over the world are eagerly preparing for a season of excitement, learning and adventure at a variety of English summer camps.

Dates for summer camps: the majority of summer camps will run from 1.07.2024 to 18.08.2024.

Duration: 2-3 weeks is a usual duration for a summer programme in the UK. Some camps offer longer programmes for up to 6 weeks, with a possibility to start any week.

Types of camps: camps in England offer 12-17 year olds academic and creative programmes, intensive language courses and sports programmes for teenagers.

Visa for attending a camp in the UK: according to the new rules, teenagers from visa countries can come to a summer camp in England on a regular Visitor Visa. The camp organisers always provide a visa letter to support student's visa application.

How to choose a camp for a teenager: when choosing a camp it is important to consider the location and campus infrastructure as well as whether the programme suits the interests of your child.

Летний лагерь в Англии
Лагеря для подростков в Англии
Popular summer camps for 15-18 year olds

Pre-IB summer programmes: ideal for children planning to study the IB course in high school. As a rule, such camps are held by the strongest academic schools in England, which have extensive and successful experience in teaching IB. Children get acquainted with all the elements of IB and requirements at different levels, do trial projects and learn to write extensive academic essays. All programmes also include excursions, cultural and entertainment activities.

University preparation: these summer programmes help applicants thoroughly understand the process of admission to English universities and make informed decisions when choosing a specialty and potential universities. At the summer camp, teenagers will get acquainted with the UCAS portal, learn how to write a personal statement, will get insights from current students from various universities and will visit several universities fo their choice.

Cost of a summer camp in England: £3,500-5,500 for a 2-weeks programme

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