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Higher Education in Britain

British universities have been and always will be some of the best in the world as shown by various rankings. Graduating from a UK university opens up career paths into jobs in finance, banking, law and engineering among others in world renowned companies. The high employability of graduates is due to the excellent quality of teaching and practical orientation of the courses.

Why Astra Education?

Astra Education will help you choose a university course most appropriate for your career goals. We will guide you through the entire application process: from enrolment to settling into your new student life in England.

Thanks to decades of collective experience in British educational services, we are uniquely positioned to secure the very best educational choices for our clients. Not only do we understand the intricacies of education in Britain but our impeccable reputation affords us close relationships with the leading UK universities.

Our Services:

  • Assistance in choosing a university course based on your preferences, financial situation and career plans;
  • Organising enrolment on a foundation course at a chosen university while your child is in their last year of secondary school;
  • Organising enrolment on a Pre-Master’s course at a university of your choice prior to entering Master’s programmes;
  • Guidance and advice on writing a personal statement;
  • Assistance in preparing for Oxbridge interviews;
  • Help collating the full set of documents required for admission;
  • Expert assistance at every stage of the application process;
  • Concierge services: travel, lifestyle and leisure.

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Higher Education in Britain
Higher Education in Britain
Higher Education in Britain
Higher Education in Britain

Foundation Programme

Due to inconsistencies in the curriculum and length of schooling, students from certain countries may have to complete a foundation programme to cover the learning gap before entering a course at a British university. Foundation programmes are run by either universities themselves or by educational providers associated with the universities. These programmes consist of learning academic skills and disciplines directly related to a future course as well as improving English proficiency to a level required for studying at university. Furthermore, students on foundation programmes have an excellent opportunity to experience life on campus which helps them to adjust and settle in more quickly once they start their main course. Successful completion of a foundation course leads to offers of places from chosen universities.

Undergraduate Degrees

The first stage of higher education in the UK is an undergraduate degree which spans three or four years depending on a course. Courses in architecture, veterinary science and medicine require five years of study or more. On completion of a course students receive a bachelor degree which qualifies them for entry into high-earning jobs.

Types of Undergraduate Degree:

ВА — Bachelor of Arts, BEd — Bachelor of Education, ВEng — Bachelor of Engineering, BSc — Bachelor of Science, LLB — Bachelor of Laws, BMus — Bachelor of Music, ВМ — Bachelor of Medicine.

Postgraduate Degrees

A postgraduate degree is the second stage of higher education in Britain which takes one year to complete. Upon graduation students obtain a Master's degree in a chosen specialisation that enables them to take their careers to the next level.

Overseas students may apply for postgraduate degree courses provided they have completed a UK undergraduate course or hold a home country university degree. As part of the application, universities require an up-to-date English proficiency test result, mostly IELTS or TOEFL as well as professional or academic references.

Oxford and Cambridge

The universities of Oxford and Cambridge are among the most prestigious in the world. The entry procedure to these universities is multi-stage and requires not only outstanding academic performance but also strong analytical and critical thinking skills. Astra Education will provide expert advice on choosing a college and will guide you through the application process. We will compile a study plan, help you prepare for exams and interviews as well as give advice on writing a personal statement.

Astra Education has extensive experience of preparing students for entry into UK universities. We will help you make the right choice.

Higher Education in Britain

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