Educational Guardianship

Educational Guardianship

In accordance with the law, children under the age of 18 who travel to the UK to study must have an adult guardian. The guardian must be specified at the time of registration for a school, as they will serve as a liaison between the parents, the school and the child.

The guardian can be a relative, or perhaps simply an individual with a good relationship with your family. Astra Education can help you explore other options if such an individual isn’t available.

Why Astra Education?

Rest assured that the guardian chosen for you by Astra Education will take full responsibility for your child during their time in the UK. Our guardians go through a rigorous selection process to ensure they meet our impeccable standards.

Your guardian will have the extensive experience needed to guarantee your child’s wellbeing and you will always be up-to-date about their academic progress.

Responsibilities of Educational Guardians:

  • Be available around the clock to be contacted by the child’s school or parents;
  • Organise travel and transfers for the child;
  • Attend parents evenings and other school events;
  • Closely monitor the academic performance of the child as well as their mental wellbeing;
  • Act on behalf of the child’s parents to sign permission forms for school activities and trips;
  • Provide a variety of documents relating to the nature of the child's stay in the UK, if necessary;
  • Organise a home stay for half term holidays and exeat weekends, if required;
  • Help resolve any problems that arise with the child’s health, study or stay in the UK;
  • Support the child in choosing subjects to study and finding tutors, if necessary;
  • Regularly and reliably keep parents informed about everything that is happening with their child, and provide statements of expenses, if applicable.

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Appointing a Guardian

It’s crucial that the guardian you choose fully understands the minutiae of English education as well as the particular requirements of the schools your child will come into contact with. For obvious reasons, the guardian should also have a proven track record of working with children. Since the guardian will be relaying lots of information between you, your child and the school, it’s important that both their English and your mother language skills are excellent. Guardians with a limited ability to communicate risk missing important details and perhaps even causing costly mistakes.

Astra Education can take full responsibility for appointing an educational guardian for your child. Our candidates all have the necessary experience in the English education system as well as general training for supporting and safeguarding children.

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