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Holiday Language Camps and Courses in England

The most effective way to learn a new language is by completely immersing oneself in it, and holiday language camps and courses offer the perfect opportunity to do this. Children from all over the world can experience England’s rich culture at first hand, make new friends and learn the language. After all, where better to study English than England?

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If you decide to send your child to a holiday camp or language course in England, it’s important to organise it in advance. Due to high demand places are limited and usually start filling up in January or February.

Astra Education will help you select the perfect camp or course for your child, take care of the enrolment on your behalf and assist with the preparation of all the necessary documents.

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  • Help you select the perfect camp or course for your child;
  • Enrol on your behalf;
  • Assist with the preparation of all the necessary documents.

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Living Arrangements at Summer language camps
Leisure and Recreation at Summer language camps
Study Activities at Summer language camps
Summer language camps
What to Expect

What to Expect

Summer camps are very popular in the UK, with thousands of children attending each year. It’s no surprise why: some of the country’s best schools make their facilities available for both classes and accommodation. It’s also important to note that the experience isn’t just limited to language studies - a host of other academic subjects and creative activities are taught too.

Study Activities

After being sorted into groups based on ability, children generally spend mornings studying the English language (amounting to around 15-20 hours a week) and their afternoons engaging in extracurricular activities. There is plenty of choice for the latter: children can develop skills in swimming, football, tennis, horseback riding, dance, visual arts, drama and many more.

During summer camp, children can also attend classes other than English. These include traditional academic subjects such as the sciences and humanities, as well as practical skills like essay writing, public speaking and writing cover letters which are hugely beneficial for future admission to schools and universities.

Leisure and Recreation

Summer camp isn’t just about learning; children can also enjoy quizzes, discos, karaoke and other exciting entertainment. Additionally, guided tours to nearby cities and amusement parks are organised on weekends. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make friends from all around the world, all while experiencing the history and culture of England.

Living Arrangements

Camps vary in duration from two to six weeks, and take place during the months of July and August. Children spend this time living on-site in dormitories, where experienced educators provide round-the-clock care. Food is served in dining halls, with a diverse menu including many options for main dishes, sides, salads, desserts and fruit. Both accommodation and catering are included in the price of the camp, as are most excursions.

English Courses in London

As an alternative to holiday camps, children may instead attend an English course during the day or be visited by a private tutor for one-to-one teaching. This allows them to stay with a host family or perhaps with their own family at their preferred accommodation.

Astra Education will help enrol your child in the right language course for their requirements, find the best tutors and organise your preferred accommodation. All language schools are accredited by the British Council.

Language Courses for Children

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