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I am the mother of two boys aged 14 and 7. We moved to London when our eldest son turned 6. Our main goal then and now was to give our children the best education in the world. When we first came to London in the summer of 2012 we went to visit Dulwich College. I still remember the cultural shock that I experienced at the time. It was a completely different, creative and nurturing education environment with a lot of emphasis on sport, and it was so unlike any school we had seen back home. With 70 acres of school grounds, football and rugby fields, with so many tennis courts that I could not count their numbers, with 16 science labs, IT department, recording studio, music department and art school, this school completely changed our idea of what an educational institution should look like. At once we decided that we would do everything to give our children a chance to attend a school like this one and it was essential to find a right education agency which would guide and advise us when choosing the right school for our children.

We were very fortunate to be introduced to Liudmila when deciding on secondary school applications for our eldest son Nikolai. He is a very artistic boy who plays piano, violin, drums and has a beautiful voice. Nikolai was a winner of multiple singing competitions and took part in charity concerts in London and Europe. After assessing his academic and extracurricular standing Liudmila advised us to apply to Eton College among other schools as she strongly believed that Nikolai has all the pre-requisites of a successful applicant.

All other agencies advised us against applying to Eton College as it was considered impossible to get into the school with 40 boys competing for each place. However, Liudmila insisted that nothing is impossible and the most important undertaking in life is to set a goal and move towards it. I cannot describe the full range of emotions when we received a letter with an offer at Eton College for Nikolai. I was very happy and proud of my son and immensely grateful to Liudmila.

But the story doesn't finish here. Our second son decided that he would like to follow in the footsteps of his brother. Again Liudmila advised us on the best path to follow. As a result our second son got into a highly academic prep school which is famous for sending boys to top secondary schools in London and in the country.

Liudmila is not merely a consultant. She guides her clients through the whole process and helps them take informed decisions by closely following a child's academic progress. We are very grateful to Liudmila for making us believe in our son. It just shows that nothing is impossible, set your goals, work hard and you will get there!

Yulia M., London

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