Immigration & Student Visas Update May 2024

Increase to Immigration Health Surcharge

From 6 February 2024 Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) has increased to £776 per year for all Child Student and Student visas. The private medical insurance does not replace Immigration Health Surcharge.

The total amount payable is calculated on visa duration, not course duration. For example, a student applying for a 2-year Child Student visa will have to pay £776 х 2 = £1552.

IGCSE in English/Literature is accepted by UKVI

IGCSE in English/English Literature has been added as an accepted exam for SELT exemption, instead of IELTS UKVI, from 4 April 2024. The qualification must be awarded by a regulated body and obtained in the UK while student was under 18.

Definition of a "parent"

Home Office has revised the definition of a parent for visa applications. From 6 June 2024 the revised definition of a "parent" will no longer include a step-parent. From then on a parent can be only a biological parent, legal parent or adoptive parent. A step-parent can no longer sign a parent consent form for a Child Student visa application.

Student visa update May 2024
UK Child Student Visa
Digitisation of UK visas

UK Visa and Immigration services plan to switch to fully digital visas by 1 January 2025. Physical BRP (Biometrical Residence Permit) will be phased out by that date. After 1 January 2025 students will be invited to create a UKVI account and provide biometrics via an app. Their visa and immigration status will be linked to the passport that was provided at the time of application. If a student changes passports they need to ensure that they link the new passport to their UKVI account. It will take 2 weeks for the new passport to be linked to the existing UKVI account.

For the time being all non-EU students will still be issued with visa vignettes in their passports for entry clearance to the UK.

Child Student/Student visa price - £490

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