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Private Tutoring Services

Astra Education is committed to offering tailored private tutoring services to each of our clients. Our experienced tutors, who are graduates of the best UK universities, provide inspirational teaching at all levels from school entrance exams to A-levels and Oxbridge exam preparation, and cover all academic disciplines as well as provide support in specific subjects. Insightful guidance, regular progress reports and assessments ensure that students are on track to achieve their goals.

Why Astra?

Our consultants will carefully consider your needs and preferences, carry out an academic assessment, develop an individual study plan and find a tutor with the expertise required for the task.

For private tuition to be successful, a detailed understanding of the student’s situation is required, the correct goals must be set and regular lessons are needed. We provide synergy by matching each student with the right tutor to make learning effective and enjoyable.

Our Services:

  • Finding a tutor to help our clients to achieve the best results whatever the subject;
  • Academic assessment;
  • Preparing for school entrance exams, such as the 7+, 11+, 13+;
  • Assisting international students with UKiset test preparation;
  • GCSE and A-level tuition;
  • Help with IELTS/TOEFL preparation;
  • Online tutoring.

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Astra Education


13 Hanover Square Mayfair
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Mon – Fri : 9:00 – 18:00

Astra Education will help you find experienced tutors for a wide variety of subjects. These tutors will inspire and guide students to fulfilling their dreams.

Private tuition

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