Short Term Stay at UK Boarding Schools

Short term immersion programmes

Spending a term or two in a UK boarding school is increasingly popular with international families. It offers a comprehensive experience that combines English for Academic Purposes (EAP) with the opportunity to experience British culture and traditions in a friendly and proactive environment of prestigious boarding schools. Short stay in a boarding school help students to not only improve their English language proficiency but also broaden their horizons and, of course, make life-long friendships

Schools understand that studying abroad can be a huge decision for parents and children alike, which is why they make the experience as seamless as possible. Students are invited to attend for a full term or half-term, and lessons, meals, airport transfers and over 120 extracurricular activities are all included in the fees. There is usually also an extremely cost-effective uniform loan service.

Choosing a school for short stay

The list of UK schools offering immersion programmes is constantly updated. It is worth considering whether a chosen school caters for interests and strengths of your child. Some are more sporty, others are more suitable for creative-minded students. Families preferring more liberal approach tend to choose colleges, as they have fewer rules and more freedom.

Short stay in UK boarding schools
Boarding experience in the UK
Accommodation options for short stays at UK boarding schools

As demand for short term stay continues to grow, boarding schools are increasingly offering a variety of accommodation options for international students. The most common and traditional is living in boarding houses on the school grounds with all the other full-time students. The number of such places is limited, so schools often offer accommodation with local host families. Such families have been carefully selected, have extensive experience and all the necessary certificates for hosting students in their homes.

Some families prefer to be close to their child and choose the option of attending a boarding school as a day student. In this case, families find their own housing near the school and organise school transport.

School fees for UK boarding schools (per term) - from £14,000

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