London Day Schools for Children Aged 5-19 Years Old

London schools

Private or sometimes called independent day schools in London are typically located in or near the city center, providing easy access to cultural and historical landmarks. London independent schools have a long history of academic excellence and a strong emphasis on extra-curricular activities, such as music, drama and sport. The majority of London schools are academically selective with competitive entry exams at ages 4, 7, 11, 13 and 16 years old.

Distinguishing features of London day schools:

  • High quality of teaching
  • Small classes and setting by ability
  • Wide choice of extra curricular activities
  • Predominantly boys or girls schools
  • Various academic programmes

Entry procedure to London schools
To apply for a place you will need:
  • To register your child with potential schools
  • Provide a reference from your current school
  • Take entry tests
  • Attend an interview in person or online
Обучение в Лондоне
Школы Лондона
Important to note

Despite a wide range of private schools in London, the number of applicants exceeds the available places every year. The competition for the most prestigious private schools in London often reaches 10 applicants per place. Having a high level of English is mandatory for top-ranked schools. Children who have not studied in an English-speaking environment but have average language skills require 1-2 years of classes with native speakers to prepare for admission to academically selective schools in London.

Many day schools do not have a license to issue visas for foreign students, so if you do not have UK residence permit, your school choices may be fairly limited. If at least one of your children is under 12 years old, you can send them to a day school in England on a student visa and apply for a visa for a parent of a student visa yourself. This visa category will need to be renewed annually until the youngest child reaches the age of 12. If all of your children are over 12 years old and you want them to attend day school, you should consider other visa categories such as Tier 1 or Tier 2. Our immigration consultants will be happy to answer all your questions.

School fees for day schools in London - from £22,000 per year

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