Law Degree in the UK for International Students

Law Degree for International Students

The majority of the UK universities require international students to take a one-year foundation in Humanities and Social Sciences before applying for a law degree course.
Why do universities require international students to take a foundation?

  • To adapt to the new education system
  • To improve the level of the Academic English
  • To study subjects building towards the future degree
  • To cover possible gaps in the curriculum
Applying for a Law Degree

What will you need to apply for a law degree?

  • Your school transcript
  • English proficiency test (IELTS, TOEFL etc.)
  • Personal statement
  • Academic reference
  • Your foundation course description
  • The LNAT exam scores (if applicable)
The LNAT Test

Some universities require the LNAT (The Law National Aptitude Test) as part of the application for law degree. The test has to be taken by January of the year of entry.

Tuition Fees: from £14 470 per year

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