Immigration Update for Students September 2023

UK Visa Fees

The UK government has announced UK visa application fee increases which will apply to applications submitted from 04 October 2023. This will include a 35% fee increase for Child Student and Student applications submitted from overseas. .

Child Student / Student (Overseas application) to increase from £363 to £490
Priority Service to increase from £250 to £500
Visitor visa (visa nationals) to increase from £100 to £115

The increases announced do not include changes to Immigration Health Surcharge ('IHS') which is also expected to rise later in 2023.

In-Country Student Visa Applications

Where a student is transferring to a new university or school or switching to a new course whilst in the UK, educational institutions must ensure that a new CAS is issued and that they have received proof of the UK based visa application being submitted before the student can be accepted on the course.

UK Student Visa
Child Student Visa
E-Gates for Child Students

Due to a recent change children from the age of 10 are now able to use passport e-gates at 15 UK airports and rail ports, including Heathrow and Gatwick airports. However, it is important to note that children under the age of 18 are still expected to be accompanied by an adult when entering via an e-gate.

Where e-gates are used the student will not receive a date stamp in their passport. As such, students are recommended to secure copies of boarding passes or flight tickets to confirm the date of UK entry where Child Students are using e-gates.

Price of UK Student and Child Student visa - £490

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