Entry to UK Universities for International Students in 2024

Why choose study in a UK university?

Enrolment in a university in the UK not only opens doors to the world of higher education but also offers prospects for an international career. .

English universities represent a synthesis of traditional methodologies and innovative approaches to education. They offer a wide range of specialties, from classical humanities to cutting-edge STEM programmes.

Entry requirements for international students

The process of admission to British universities for international students requires thorough preparation and planning
Main stages include:

  • Choosing potential universities and courses Applicants need to decide on the choice of educational institution and specialization. It is important to consider the university's ranking, program specifics, tuition costs, and career advancement opportunities.
  • Language testing. All international applicants need to demonstrate English proficiency by taking the IELTS exam.
  • Preparing all required documents. The list of necessary documents usually includes a high school diploma, a personal statement, letters of recommendation, language exam results, and a portfolio (for creative courses)
  • Applying through UCAS. All undergraduate applications are submitted through the unified UCAS system. This is a standardized application system that allows applicants to send up to five applications to different universities
Университеты Англии
Университеты Лондона
Money matters

Education at UK universities for international students is fee-based, and the cost can vary significantly depending on the institution and programme. The average tuition fee at a university in the UK is between £17,000 - 22,000 per year. However, many universities offer scholarships, grants, and financial support for talented international students at the master's and PhD levels.

Foundation courses for undergraduate degree in 2024

Foundation courses are designed for applicants who have completed secondary education in a country with an education system other than UK. The Foundation program helps students improve academic level, enhance English language skills, and adapt to the country's educational system. The course includes the study of subjects necessary for the chosen specialty and intensive English language study. The duration of the Foundation preparatory courses is 9-12 months. Enrolment for September 2024 is currently open.

The cost of Foundation courses (1 year) - from £28,000

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