Full Support for US University Applications

What We Do

Our experienced college coaching team will help you navigate the entire process of applying to US universities. Our full service includes selecting the best university choice, test preparation and essay guidance, to compiling your profile and interview practice, we will be there every step of the way to ensure that your application stands out in a very competitive admissions field.

Our counsellors will advise on your eligibility for available financial aid and scholarships helping you choose the best strategy to be successful in your application. To prepare for standardised entry tests we will design a personalised learning plan and match you to subject tutors who will help you set the goals, improve your academic performance and boost your results.

University Applications

A comprehensive custom roadmap with milestones to achieve each step of the application process.

Global Leaders

Extracurricular projects to develop qualities to become a leader in your field and in your community.

Tests and Essay

Distinctive essay writing. Development of academic rigour, exam techniques and stamina.

Interview Practice

Institution specific interview preparation. Public speaking skills and making an impact.

The Application Process


Setting Your Goalposts

After assessing your academic, professional and personal background we will devise together a comprehensive plan and outline the best routes to successfully achieve your goals.


SAT and ACT Preparation

Becoming aware of each test specifics and based on your learning preferences you can decide which test will enable you to achieve scores required for your chosen universities.


Extra Curriculum Project

With our guidance you will devise and implement a project which will highlight your strengths, leadership skills and passion for a chosen subject or area of expertise.


Acing Your Essay

Our highly experienced writing coaches will help you find your own distinctive essay writing style which will also enable you to tailor your essay for specific universities or to obtain a scholarship.


Interview Preparation

Being interviewed for a top university can be a daunting prospect. Our coaches will ensure that you feel confident and at ease when talking about your achievements and goals for the future.


Scholarship Application

We provide support in finding financial aid and scholarships which are offered by almost all American universities. You can secure academic or sports scholarship for up to 80% of tuition fees.

Things To Know

You may choose to apply for an undergraduate degree via The Common Application which is accepted by more than 900 universities or through school's own website.

You will need :

  • Contact information for the counsellor or other school representative who will complete your school report and submit your official school transcript.
  • Contact information for one teacher (or two, maximum) who will complete the teacher evaluation form.
  • Non-refundable application fee. Students who are unable to pay the application fee can request a fee waiver.

When To Apply to US Universities?

The dates below are approximate and will vary depending on a university.

Application Deadline Decision
Early Decision 1 November 1 December 15
Early Action November 1 December 15
Regular Decision January 1 April 1

English Language Proficiency Tests

TOEFL, IELTS and most recently Duolingo are part of the university admission process for students whose first language is not English. The scores required for US universities can vary widely. The average scores are: TOEFL 85, IELTS 6.5, Duolingo 120.

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