Find the Right British Boarding School for Your Child

Choosing and applying to UK boarding schools

When selecting a boarding school in the UK for your child it is essential to consider several important parameters: single-sex or co-educational school, academic programmes, exam results and size of the school. It is also worth considering location of schools, variety of extra-curricular activities on offer and class sizes.

Application process involves several crucial steps:

  • Shortlist 5-6 schools according to your preferences, your child's academic performance, interests and aspirations
  • Apply to selected schools and pay the registrations fees
  • Take entrance tests set by schools and attend interviews
  • Receive formal offers from schools and make a final decision

Some families prefer to visit schools before applying, others opt to wait until their child receives offers of a place from the schools.

Documents required in order to apply
  • Copy of your child's passport
  • Two most recent school reports
  • Reference from the current school
  • Proof of funds
Boarding Schools
Boarding Schools Entrance Tests Tuition
Entrance tests and interviews

To be considered for a place at British boarding schools, prospective students will have to sit entrance tests in English, Maths, non-verbal and verbal reasoning. For entry to Sixth Form, students usually take exams in their specialist subjects as well as Maths and English. Some schools will only accept applications from students who have taken UKiset test as the first step of the application process.

Based on entrance tests results students are invited to the interviews which can be done in person or online. Younger children have more general interviews about their favourite subjects at school, hobbies and interests. For older students the interviews are subject based and they may expect to be asked specific questions testing their knowledge and understanding on the variety of topics.

Cost of application and studies: registration fees vary between £100-350 for each school; tuition fees - from £35 000 per year

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