Summer Language Camps for Children in the UK

Летние языковые лагеря для детей и подростков

Summer Programmes 2022

Spending summer holidays in England offers children a unique opportunity to improve their English and combine studies with a favourite sport, art, dance or a leadership course. Older students will benefit from academic or pre-university programmes.

How to choose a right summer programme?

Location and Facilities

Summer language programmes for children are organised in world-renowned boarding schools with excellent facilities. Courses for older students are usually based on university campuses. Children have access to teaching classes, student residences, art studios, laboratories, gyms, swimming pools and playing fields. It is important to check the distance to the nearest airport and size of the camp for your child's age group.

During their stay children live in existing student residences which comply with all health and safety regulations. Type of accommodation may vary even within the same campus: from modern hotel-like rooms to more traditional boarding houses. Young children may share the room with 2-3 others, whilst older ones tend to live in double or single rooms with an individual bathroom. Boys and girls always live in separate residences.

Study Programme and Excursions

The most common academic programme offers 15-20 hours of English per week and covers all 4 aspects of language. There is always an option to add an intensive course or in-depth study of academic subjects in English. Certain programmes combine English with sport, art, drama or dance. Older students with advanced language proficiency have a choice of pre-IB or university preparation courses with an opportunity to visit UK universities.

Each summer language programme includes several full day and half day excursions to the most famous landmarks in the UK. Apart from classic trips to London and country palaces, the selection of excursions depends on the location of the school. For example, if a school is situated near Oxford children most likely will have a walking tour of the university town with a visit to one of the colleges and a quintessential punting tour on the river.

Price and What's Included in the Package

A standard summer language camp package includes full board and accommodation, 24/7 supervision, a placement test on arrival, study materials, sport and activities on site, all excursions and usually group airport transfers. Individual transfers, extra activities and language exams can be organised at additional cost and must be arranged in advance.
Visa application fees, flights and insurance are not included in the price.

The price of a good quality summer language programme in the summer of 2022 is between £1300-1600 per week. Parents should be aware that a considerably cheaper price than the market average may indicate a sub-standard quality of teaching or big size of the programme. In most cases it will also lead to additional costs later in the booking process, such as paid excursions and outings or a charge for airport transfers.

International Mix of Participants

The majority of parents would prefer their child to live and learn with students of different nationalities in order to immerse themselves fully in the language experience and make friends from all over the world. Camp organizers try to keep the multinational mix of the participants and generally put a cap on the number of students from the same language realm if a programme is particularly popular in a specific region.

Some camp organizers actively promote their summer programmes in certain countries and the probability that your child will spend all free time apart from lessons speaking a native language with other children is very high. It's always worth checking with your agent or camp organizers the proportion of students from your own language region who will join a chosen programme during your child's stay.

English + Multi-Activity

The most popular summer programme combines English studies and holiday fun. Academic course includes 15-20 hours of English tuition per week. In the afternoons children can choose from a variety of activities on offer: football, tennis, volleyball, art, dance, drama, horse-riding, fencing, swimming and golf. In the evenings students have a chance to unwind with their new friends and participate in quiz nights, discos, singing contests and talent shows.

English + Academic Subjects

Intensive academic programmes are ideal for students with high level of English who consider studying in a UK school or university. Children can study academic subjects in English or opt for pre-IB and university preparation courses. These programmes also include soft skills workshops on personal statement writing, public speaking, interview skills, CV writing and leadership. Students can receive coaching on university applications, learn more about career choices and how to secure work experience in their chosen field.

English + Sport

An excellent option for students who would like to improve their English and sport skills at the same time. In the mornings children have lessons followed by intensive sport training in the afternoons. They can choose football, tennis, golf, basketball or multi-sport option. Students participate in workshops and presentations on game analysis, tactics, sport psychology, personal physical development. As part of the programme students visit leading clubs' training grounds where they have an opportunity to meet professional players.

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