High School in the UK
A-levels and IB Programmes

High School in the UK for 15-19 yo is the best way for international students to progress to a top UK or US university.

High School, known as Sixth Form in the UK, lasts for 2 years and is aimed at improving the level of academic English and subject knowledge.
The students have a choice of 2 programmes, A-levels or IB, which will allow them to prepare to study for a degree in a chosen field.


Course: 3-4 subjects
    Key Features
  • Early Focus on Preferred Subjects
  • In-depth Study of Chosen Disciplines
  • Developing Analytical and Research Skills
  • Building Up Towards Future Specialism
  • Available in 55 Subjects
  • Exam Assessed Linear Course
  • Grade Mark A*- E
  • Internationally Recognised Qualification

IB Diploma

Course: 6 subjects
    Key Features
  • Breadth of Subjects
  • Excellent for International Students
  • Intellectually Stimulating
  • Requires Consistent Effort
  • Good Preparation for Wide Degree Choices
  • Assessed on Exams and Coursework
  • Scored Out of 45 Points
  • Internationally Recognised Qualification
Ipswich High School
Rugby School
Wellington College

Courses start: January and September

Fees: from £29,975 per year

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