Scholarships and Financial Aid for Studying Abroad

What you need to know

The size of the scholarship depends on the country, the level of study and the university. It can vary from 100% of tuition fees for the whole duration of studies to a fixed amount towards the first year payment.

Scholarship applications have well-defined deadlines and universities strictly adhere to them. The majority of deadlines are in December or January of the academic year preceding the degree studies.

Applications for scholarship have to be fully completed and supported by all required documents. Incomplete or incorrectly filled applications will not be considered by universities and colleges.

When to apply?

Depending on the university and study destination students may have to apply for a scholarship either during their application for a place or after they receive an offer from the university.

Majority of universities which offer degrees in English accept applications for a place quite early and do not require High School Diploma or a proof of completion of studies. Offers are based on current and past academic reports and predicted grades.

Applications for scholarship
Scholarships for Studying Abroad
Applying for a scholarship

If you require a financial help to study abroad it is essential to start preparing for your application early as it can be a complex and long process, sometimes taking several months between the start and submission of all the documents. Every year universities receive thousands of applications from students worldwide and you need to make sure that your application is convincing and complete. One of the most important criteria is your academic achievements and the ability to demonstrate them through participation in national and international Olympiads, competitions and projects.

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